Proven Structure M1

The newest product from is a rapidly deployable pre-built corporate content management system built on LAMP and CakePHP Framework.

When launched with its default design skeleton, the system can be live within 24 hours on a new or existing domain and new content contributors can be productively adding content with no programming or HTML knowledge with about 20 minutes of training. This system is an entirely different paradigm than other premium content management providers that have implementation schedules and flexibility "virtues" only a programmer can understand. This system is built for speed, reliability, ease-of-use, and large amounts of content.

Some notable features include:

  • No limit on number of navigational structures
  • No limit on number of pages
  • Inherent mobile support that uses, but also goes beyond, bootstrap and responsive approaches to content delivery
  • One click publish/unpublish - pages are never deleted, they are archived to prevent accidental deletion
  • Navigational structures can be swapped or relocated on the fly with no programming
  • Four levels of depth with universal leveling that makes it easy to reorganize content as volume and complexity increases.
  • Content elements can be sent from one page to another to avoid redundant data entry or "cut and paste" labor
  • Each site is deployed as its own codeset, allowing total flexibility and no hoping and waiting a cloud-based software vendor will roll out improvements

Available features include:

  • Foreign language support with intuitive side-by-side data entry for translation vendors
  • Approval workflows and legal review with e-mail reminders
  • Can be adapted to any design template with some initial setup
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